DPC Conference


DPC Conference

Dodd Walls researchers Mike Reid, Jon Wells and Jevon Longdell hosted the 20th International Conference on Dynamical Processes in Excited States of Solids (DPC19) at the Chateau on the Park, Christchurch, in the week of August 26-30. Mike and Jon (Canterbury) handled local organisation and Jevon Longdell (Otago) was the Programme Chair. Dodd-Walls was a major sponsor.

Of 93 scientific participants 73 were from overseas (26 from China). There were 34 students (23 from overseas). Particularly pleasing was the large number of overseas students. 11 of the Chinese participants arrived on the direct flight from Guangzhou on the Sunday evening. That connection certainly makes travel to Christchurch from China very efficient, and they just fitted into the 11-seat shuttle ordered for them!

Many of the presentations were on Quantum Information and Nanoparticle applications, which was highly relevant to the Canterbury and Otago students. This was an excellent opportunity for them to discuss their work with prominent people in those fields. Jamin Martin from Canterbury, and Peter Barnett, from Otago won two of the six poster prizes. The winners had a good geographical spread: New Zealand, China, Poland, and Australia.

DPC was previously run in Christchurch in 2003, Chaired by Roger Reeves. The participants, and the subject areas, have changed dramatically since then. Particularly notable is the large increase in Chinese participants. The next conference is in 2022 in Wrocław, Poland.

The conference ran smoothly thanks to for the great work put in by Canterbury and Otago  students and University of Canterbury support staff. 

The conference was sponsored by: Dodd-Walls, University of Canterbury , Bruker, and Elsevier.
More pictures and information on the web site: https://www.canterbury.ac.nz/conferences/dpc19/