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Dodd-Walls Centre 2015 Facts and Figures Summary Table

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The Dodd-Walls Centre is receives Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) funding from the Tertiary Education Commission. DWC members also receive grant funding from sources other than TEC CoRE funding, which contribute directly to research projects in the four Research Themes. Some staff and student DWC members are supported by these external research funds, whereas others are supported by CoRE funding. The membership profile includes all DWC members, while the financial report indicates only those directly funded by CoRE income. view graph here


The DWC has a total of 40 Investigators (including the Director and Deputy Director), and 27 other research staff. Doctoral students comprise half of the total membership of the DWC (100), and in addition to research training, many of our strategic activities involve students, including Educational Outreach, Ka Hikitia, and Industry. DWC strategic and central activities are led and supported by 4 managers and 2 administrative staff.  view graph here


All DWC students undertake research, with the vast majority enrolled in PhDs. Those falling in the “other” category include Masters, Honours, BTech, and PG Diploma students. Some of these students go on to PhD degrees, while others move into employment here and overseas. Graduate destinations include all PhD and other degree students.  view graph here


DWC 2015 Financial Report by Programme

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