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DWC Seminar Series 2017

The Dodd-Walls Centre is proud to present a series of seminars hosted by our themes on different topics and everyone is welcome to attend.   Friday’s Quantum Fluids and Gases (QFG) seminar is presented by Nikolett Nemet from the University of Auckland.

Title:       Enhanced EPR-type entanglement with coherent time-delayed feedback

When:     Date: Friday 23 June, 12 noon (sharp) to 1.00pm

Venues:  DWC Boardroom 320e, Dodd-Walls Centre, Science III, University of Otago

   303.610 Auckland

               Anyone can join remotely via Zoom ID # 325 816 342 (meeting invite details at end of email)


Coherent time-delayed feedback has a potential to control the squeezing properties of a degenerate parametric amplifier (DPA). However, parametric down-conversion of the pump photons can be considered into two non-degenerate modes as well. The non-degenerate parametric amplifier (NDPA) is a good testbed for observing continuous variable, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-type entanglement, which can serve as the basis of continuous variable quantum computation. In this talk we show that similarly to the DPA case, the generalized two-mode squeezing of NDPA can also be controlled with time-delayed feedback. Moreover, the considered setup shows some potential for quantum-enhanced non-linear interferometry as well.