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DWC Seminar Series 2017

The Dodd-Walls Centre is proud to present a series of seminars hosted by our themes on different topics and everyone is welcome to attend.   Friday’s Quantum Manipulation & Information (QMI) seminar is presented by Dr Pimonpan (Mim) Sompet, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Otago.


Title:         Dynamics of Two Atoms Tightly Confined in Optical Tweezers

When:      Date: Friday 28 July, 12 noon (sharp) to 1.00pm

Venues:   DWC Boardroom 320e, Dodd-Walls Centre, Science III, University of Otago

                303.610, University of Auckland 

                Lib1.22A, Massey University

                Anyone can join remotely via Laptop, PC or other device using Zoom ID # 325 816 342 


We experimentally study individual 85Rb-atom pairs and observe their evolution when exposed to external fields. Due to the simplicity of the system (just two atoms in the trap), it can often be simulated directly, thereby revealing detailed insight into it. We find that we can control the energy released from the atomic collisions by tuning the light field parameters. We further apply light-assisted collisions to deterministically prepare individual atoms as a first step towards preparing pure quantum states of individual atoms. As the next step, we cool them down to the vibrational ground state of the optical tweezers using magnetically-insensitive Raman sideband cooling. We achieve 2D cooling in the radial plane with a ground state population of 0.88, which provides a fidelity of 0.73 for the entire procedure. Additionally, we present experimental observations of a strong correlation between the collisionally driven spindynamics of individual atomic pairs.