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2017 DWC Symposium

The Dodd-Walls 2017 Symposium will run from Monday 23rd January to Friday 27th January.  The programme consists of Science Advisory Board Reviews on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th January invited and contributed talks in the areas of quantum technologies and photonics.

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Table of Contents

Tutorial Abstracts

Talk Abstracts

Poster Abstracts


Please sign up for excursions at https://goo.gl/forms/xgY8QMAvsUIzBhOU2


Please complete the registration form at https://goo.gl/OzZrWj

 confirmed invited speakers

We are pleased to announce the following as confirmed invited speakers:

  • Professor Poul Jessen, University of Arizona, USA

  • Professor Ursula Keller, Institute of Quantum Electronics, Switzerland

  • Professor Ana Maria Rey, University of Colorado, USA

  • Professor Monica Ritsch-Marte, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria

  • Professor Peter Smith, University of Southampton, UK



2017 Dodd-Walls Centre Symposium Programme


Download PDF version here