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Science Team

Professor Neil Broderick (Team Leader)

Professor Blair Blakie

Professor Joachim Brand

Associate Professor Stephane Coen

Associate Professor Jevon Longdell

Dr Frederique Vanholsbeeck

Professor Jon Paul Wells


Industry Team

Professor John Harvey (Team Leader)

Dr Luke Taylor, Industry Team Manager (Otago Innovation Limited)

Dr Mikkel Andersen

Professor Neil Broderick

Associate Professor Justin Hodgkiss

Professor David Hutchinson

Professor Cather Simpson

Dr Peggy Tompkins

Dr Frederique Vanholsbeeck


Educational Outreach Team

Dr Craig Grant (Otago Museum) and Chair

Dr Kasper van Wijk

Dr Ian Griffin (Otago Museum)

Professor David Hutchinson

Professor Bernd Krauskopf

Professor Cather Simpson

Anita Foster (secretary)

Centre Management Team

Professor David Hutchinson, Director
Professor Neil Broderick, Deputy Director

Dr Peggy Tompkins (Team Leader), Programme Manager

Mrs Diana Evans, PA/Administrator

Mrs Anita Foster, Administrator
Ms Premika Sirisena, Administrator